Another Year Draws To A Close…

As we inch closer to 2015, maybe it’s a good time for a bit of reflection about how far we’ve come in the last few months.  It seems like it was 10 years ago when we launched with 25 academic free readings to start with.  We suspected it might be popular but we never imagined just how many people would embrace the site as a learning tool right from the start.

After uploading five new academic articles per week (one in each level and across the same topic), we realized that there wasn’t so much on the site for people who wanted a quick read and some easier articles to ease into the task of English reading.  To put it bluntly, we realized a little too late how difficult it is to read and how it was even more difficult to read something online.  In mid-October, we launched the “Fun For All” category to address this issue.   These articles also became a big hit.  They offered something interesting and kind of cool for readers across age groups.  Since then, we’ve been pumping out the “Fun For All” articles on a weekly basis and the site has grown immensely in terms of variety of reading practice content and users.

In the new year, we’ll be uploading more Fun For All articles until early February.  After that, we’ll be switching our focus back to the academic content, once again putting new free readings in the Beginner through Advanced categories.  We think this will help bring back a bit more balance between the two kinds of readings (academic and extensive) that the site offers.  Rest assured, we have plenty of content ready to go to upload and we’re being careful to test the quality and to make sure the content is suitable for learners with regards to grading level and criteria.  We’re looking forward to working with you in the new year and we hope you continue to visit and spread the word about our site to teachers, learners…or just anyone who wants to practice and improve their reading abilities!  If you haven’t done so yet, please “Like” our Facebook page at:  or follow us on twitter at

Have a great holiday season!