A Look at Next Week!



If you’ve been keeping up with dreamreader.net throughout the past couple of weeks, you’ve probably noticed the site has been adding lots of new content.  Next week, we’ll be launching our second update of articles since we launched and we’re really excited.  “Towns and Cities” week will take a look at some famous places in the world and the stories behind them.  

In our beginner level reading, we’ll look at London and it’s early history.  We’ll also have a reading about San Francisco that covers the best tourist spots to visit.  

Students in our intermediate levels will get a new reading on Urban Decay, a very serious issue in the world right now.   The questions we’ll try to answer are:  “How and why do cities fail?”  and more importantly, “How can we heal a decaying city?”

In our higher intermediate course, we’ll look at Public Transport and how it has evolved in some places differently over time and why.  We’ll also take a look at one very successful example of public tranportation in the world.

Finally, our advanced article is about Urban Planning.  How do people plan the growth of cities over time?  What are the consequences of unplanned urban growth?  What makes a good city?

We hope you check out the new articles on Monday for an answer to all of these questions.

Thanks again for visiting and using dreamreader.net.