Learn how to write a high quality reading for your learners

One of the main reasons I started http://dreamreader.net was because I struggled to find free high quality graded readings. At the time, I was teaching a reading course and wanted to supplement the assigned materials with interesting and engaging readings at the right level for the learners. The lack of free materials made me decide to write […]

Please help me keep Dreamreader.net going and growing

by Neil Millington   As many of you know, for the last 18 months Brad and I have been writing and publishing free reading materials for teachers and learners around the world. In that time, we have managed to deliver over 500 free lessons. We have done this at our own expense in terms of […]

Adventures with Elmo! – Collaborative journal writing with a twist!

By Neil Millington A few years ago, I was looking for ideas to liven up my writing class and try to find some ideas to make the group of learners I was teaching more cohesive. I was at a conference and I watched a great presentation on collaborative journal writing. Collaborative journal writing The basic […]

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Using Google Docs for Teaching

by Brad Smith I used to use MS Office for so many things but I have found lately that using Google Docs is so much easier for me. For one thing, you can access Google Docs easily from any computer as long as you have Internet access. No more saving your precious classroom slides or […]