Out and about – Motivate your students by sending them out of class!

by Neil Millington I am a teacher at a university in Japan. In a traditional Japanese English teachers classroom it is the role of the teacher to give information and for the students to listen. I am not saying this is the case with every English class, but there are several academic papers that suggest […]

Five Ways to Happiness

by Neil Millington I don’t particularly like to sing in class. Mainly because I’m not that good at it! Each semester I make an exception though for one particular song. It’s a song I learned from Tim Murphey about five or six years ago. I love this song because it is not that difficult to […]

Three practical ways to energize your classroom

I don’t know about you, but over here in Japan the semester is coming to an end and students and teachers alike are starting to feel the pace. There are a lot of fatigued faces on campus as a combination of a long semester, lots of reports and final test week looming is really starting […]