Maps in the Classroom

Using Maps in the English Classroom

I’ve been interested in maps ever since I was a kid and got my little hands on my first atlas. The colorful shapes on each page showed far-away places with strange names I couldn’t pronounce. Living in a small town in Manitoba, Canada, these were places I knew I would probably never visit. It just wasn’t […]

Games in the Classroom

Back when I was an Assistant Language Teacher at a Japanese high school, teachers would constantly ask me to develop a game for the students.  It didn’t really matter what it was but I was clearly in charge of making this game, preparing all the materials, and then briefing my fellow Japanese teacher of English […]

Godzilla or Spock? The First Day of Class

It was with great interest that I read Michael Griffin’s excellent blog post called “Scaring Students on the First Day” with its picture of the famous Gunnery Sergeant Hartman (the most ironic name ever – you can’t beat Kubrick) from Full Metal Jacket screaming at the film’s protagonist, Private Joker.  In his post, Mike wonders about the best way to […]