Reading for Pleasure in the Target Language

Guest Post by Shannon Mason When I finished my six-month stint as a university exchange student in Japan, going back more than fifteen years now, I was given a Japanese novel by my practicum supervisor. He said that one day I’ll be able to read it and tell him my thoughts. I set a goal […]

Reading Comprehension and Prior Knowledge

One of the things I always think about when I introduce a new reading to a class is a reader’s background or “schematic” knowledge about a particular topic.  Although two articles might look similar in terms of vocabulary difficulty, sentence length, and sentence-level grammar structure, the fact is that learners will find an article in […]

Prediction and Main Idea Reading Skills

Answering prediction and main idea questions on English tests isn’t easy but with some help from this article, it can be made easier.  Here are some tips on getting better at these essential reading skills. Quite often, my students can nail the detail questions on a standard English reading comprehension quiz or test but they have trouble seeing the bigger […]

Food Reading Comprehension Lessons

There’s something about learning about food that students just seem to love.  Many of our long-time most popular posts are about food.  When we first started, Neil and I wrote and uploaded an beginner academic article about “Fish & Chips“.  It was a very simple lesson with a few facts meant to help reading comprehension […]

On Being a Good Teacher

I recently got an e-mail from one of my former students.  He’s training to be a teacher and is about to walk into his first classroom next week.  He sent me an e-mail asking for teaching advice.  I was searching for something to say that would help him and I realized that just having a […]