Assessing Classroom Participation

Today, I want to reveal my thoughts on assessing classroom participation, the topic of a #keltchat way back in May. Looking at the rubric provided prior to the chat, I was pleasantly surprised that I agreed with most of it.  Let’s break it down a bit and see how it would apply to my own […]

Learner Beliefs about Coursebooks

A recent #keltchat discussion got me thinking about how coursebooks fit into teacher and learner beliefs and expectations.  I realized that I had a story to tell that illustrates the differences that can exist here and how I reacted to them. About six years ago, I picked up a part-time gig working as an online English teacher for […]

Introverts as Language Teachers

A while back, there was an #eltchat about whether or not introverts could make good language teachers.  I have to admit that I am one of these people they were talking about.  Given the choice between a smashing good party on a Friday night versus a good book, I will take the book pretty much […]

Catharsis and Teaching

I recently read Micheal Griffin’s great blog post called “Talking about Talking about Teaching (Volume I)” and he posed some really interesting questions in his article.  One of the questions he asked was “Is complaining about teaching ever cathartic or helpful?”  I’d like to chime in here and add my own thoughts.  First off, I […]