Using Textbooks in ELT

#KELTChat is talking about using textbooks in ELT so I wanted to write a quick blog post about them today.  As a teacher, textbooks have always been a big part of my professional life.  They line the shelves of my office, fill my classes, are shoved in my briefcase on the way to class and […]

How English Reading Can Help You Predict the Future

Okay, that title is a bit silly but stay with me here.  If there’s one skill that English reading can make you good at, it’s predicting.  What does ‘predicting’ mean?  It means that you can know the future.  The best thing about it is that you don’t need any special powers.  You just need to […]

Advice to My Younger Teacher Self

Recently, there was a great discussion on #keltchat about the kind of advice you would give yourself, as a teacher, if you could travel back in time.  This was a very useful exercise for me.  It made me consider the changes in my attitudes and assumptions  over the course of my teaching career.  I realized, […]

10 Ways That Reading is Cooler than Michael Jordan

If you’ve tried out our free lesson on Michael Jordan, you’ll know how cool he is.  But you know what’s even cooler?  Reading.  Yeah, I said it.  Here are 10 reasons why: 1.  Explore new worlds:  The only way to get real information about what’s out there is to read.  Reading not only gives you […]

Using Easy English Picture Lessons in Class

So you can see that we’ve got several types of lessons on the site and one of the newest categories we have added is “Easy English”.  As for now, “Easy English” consists of a series of articles called “Pictures”.  In these lessons, we supply you with a photograph and four or five questions about it. […]

3 More Ideas For Using Pictures Lessons

Last week, I talked a little about how I use our Easy English Pictures lessons in my class.  I think most of it was pretty straight-forward so this week, I’m going to offer up a few quick tips on how you can add an interesting “spin” to these lessons.  Today, I want to work in […]

6 Surprising Facts about Literacy

  1.  Illiteracy is still a major problem, even in 2015:  The World Literacy Foundation estimates that around 781 million people in the world are illiterate.  Around 500 million of these people are women.  Some studies have shown that functional illiteracy may be an even bigger problem than complete illiteracy, with nearly half the adults […]