Getting to Know Your Students through English Reading

Recently, I had the good fortune to witness a discussion on #keltchat about how to get to know our students better.  As a busy teacher with lots of students, this isn’t an easy task in a reading class.  Although I have office hours, I spend most of the time in there preparing for the next […]

The 5 Simplest Ways to Make the Best of English Reading

There are times when reading can seem like a real chore, no matter how exciting the content of it.  Ask me to read my favorite science fiction author on a Saturday afternoon and I’ll jump at the chance.  Ask me to read the same book in Japanese and I’ll probably take a pass.  We all […]

Don’t Hold Back Your English Reading

Experienced teachers of reading see it all the time – learners who spend lots of time with English reading but something seems to hold them back.   In this article, I’ll give some advice to keep learners motivated and levelling up in their reading: Pick the right reading content One of the many ways that readers keep their […]