How English Reading can be like a School Bully

Reading can be intimidating for anyone, especially first or second language learners.  Most of my students, if polled, would rather do an activity in class that involves any other type of skill besides reading.  They look forward to listening and speaking activities and even writing is okay – but for some reason, reading is viewed […]

How to use a “dreamreader” lesson in 6 Easy Steps

Here’s how to take a lesson from the website and make it interesting for your class!  With a bit of planning and preparation, you can make a great lesson using our material! Step 1:  Go to and find an article that your class might find interesting or fun. Step 2:  Print out the article […]

A Facebook Group for English Teachers Teaching Online

If you’re a Facebook user, you can find many different groups full of people who are teaching English.  The greatest benefit of being a member of these groups is the sharing of resources, discussing problems and talking about solutions.  It’s amazing to see how teachers in different parts of the world are actually very similar […]

EFL Sensei – An Excellent Resource

If you’re a teacher looking for great lessons, you can find them here on our site by downloading the PDFs beside each English lesson (and don’t forget the audio too!).  You can also find some excellent English activities at EFL Sensei (  The thing I like most about this site is just how easy it […]

My That’s English – Blog

Here’s a great blog that will help you with English learning! My That’s English! ( This blog always has great links and content!  There are extensive listening lessons that use youtube videos and there are some great quizzes.  If you are a student, you can probably learn English in a very fun and easy way using […]

The Story Behind the Site

If you’re at all curious about how the website came to be developed and why we offer free reading lessons, here’s some information. is the work of two English teachers who live and work in Japan. Neil Millington and Brad Smith are co-workers who were faced with a rather unique problem one day.  They […]

A Useful Site for Job Hunters!

Many of the users of our site are English teaching professionals so we’d like to make you aware of possible job opportunities in our field.  Here’s a great site called that posts job links for professionals.  Here’s what they have to say:   Dream TEFL ( aims to connect great teachers with their dream jobs. […]