Environment Readings!

Our environment readings are now up for the week.  We hope you’ve had a chance to check them out for yourself. The reason we chose this particular topic is that it’s usually covered somewhere in every reading course at some point.  Lots of standard English tests also use this topic or vocabulary.  For example, if […]

Mobile Optimization

I wanted to take a little time out here to just talk about where the site is headed in terms of mobile optimization.  If you’re one of the many users who have visited our site with your smartphone or tablet, you may have noticed that some things aren’t really working.  Although it is true that […]

Three Good Reasons to Follow Us on Twitter

  I just started to use twitter a couple of weeks ago for the first time.  It was overwhelming and I didn’t know what to do.  I started off by embarassing myself a bit, using it to spam various channels without thinking about whether or not the content was really appropriate.  Now, I can say […]

History Week is Underway!

Well, this week we uploaded five new readings on the topic of history!  Most of our articles focus on the traditional history stuff like kings and queens.  In the beginner level, you’ll find an article on Henry VIII, one of the most powerful rulers of England in its long history!  Our low intermediate article will […]

Dreamreader.net’s Extra Features

Dreamreader.net is not only a reading and quiz website (although you can use it that way) but also provides you with extra features to help you really improve your reading ability.  If you’re a teacher or student, you can download each lesson in a PDF format and print it out for offline study.  Teachers can […]